Headshots, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!

Headshots…something every professional actor needs. They are an investment to your career (if they are good ones) but they are something that should be updated really every 18 months to 2 years. Some may say more frequent than that but I suppose it depends on how much your face changes.

Today I had a headshot session. I took a mixture of different tops and hair stuff to change my hair accordingly and away I went. I can suffer with bad spots on my face but luckily I’m going through a good wave at the moment so was definitely the right time to do it. Because lets face it..(HA FACE!) I could wake up with a huge monster on my chin or cheek tomorrow where I need to go off the radar or travel around with a bag over my head..

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The one thing I always struggle with and I’m not sure if this is just me and judging by other peoples headshots I’m sure it is just face never seems to look how I picture it looking in my head. I pull a face that I think is warm and employable and it ends up like this:

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It’s honestly true.

It’s the one thing I don’t think we are taught or helped with within our training. Unless there isn’t real skill to it, but I clearly need it!  No one has ever helped me move my face and shown me what is a good face and what is not a good face. I literally turn up at these photography places and after around 30 minutes of AWFUL pictures, suddenly my face then starts to understand what is needed of it and then I start looking semi decent. Is this the same for everyone else??  Would be easier for the photographer if my face just worked right? It’s strange how it works really..NOT! Why does my face not work !!

It does make me wonder.. What does my face really do then I think I’m being nice to someone that I actually despise….


I get the pictures back later tonight and then so the painstakingly decision making needs to happen. What picture is good enough to be my headshot? What shows me on a good day? Do I look employable? It’s hard to pick. Choosing the wrong picture could really mean no work or not enough of it! It is exciting though! But judging by how much my face likes to have a mind of it’s own I hope that there is at least 1 good picture in there I could use.

So guys for future reference if my face is showing a different emotion to what I’m trying to portray then I apologise. Clearly I have absolutely no control over my face whatsoever but actually my face seems to speak louder then the words I speak. If I look like I hate you then I probably do. Soz.


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