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I can’t compete with the so called ‘Elite.’

Hello to all my readers out there. I’ve been checking my stats and it seems people all around the world are having a quick glimpse of little old me and what I have to offer to the world of writing. I just want to say THANK YOU for reading and having a little check. Please feel free to comment and let me know where you are from. I would really enjoy that!

Currently, I am soaking my feet in salt water due to being hurt by a pair of high heeled shoes, gorgeous ones at that! I went to London on Saturday to meet one of my friends and I wore NEW shoes because 1) I had previously wore them once before and they didn’t hurt 2) they looked great on 3) they gave me some extra height (yeah like I need that at 5ft 10!)

I have been hurt by shoes in the past, but this was like no other pain I have ever experienced AND just when you think it can’t get any worse it just takes a whole different turn that made me talk to the sky and ask Him.. why He allowed me to put these on?? What have I learnt from being crippled by these shoes?? NOTHING! apart from maybe don’t wear those shoes any time soon…but we will all know I may try it..

So I have been sticking to my new years resolution. I’ve been running and loving it! I’m not too far away from getting the bug back again. I didn’t run yesterday due to the weather being appalling here and it was dark by the time I got back from my sisters..excuses excuses I hear you say..yeah 60% may have been an excuse buuttt I did go for a walk in the evening so wasn’t all lazy.

Another one of my New Year’s resolution was to apply for everything I most possibly could in regards to work and that is what I have. Just waiting to hear back now.

One thing that does annoy me…(uh oh rant alert!) and that came through on a casting today. It was for a pantomime which I thought was pretty early but imagine booking a job that early on for later in the year that would be nice! Anyway, I clicked on the link to read what would be needed from me..only to read, for not the first time, that all the principal roles needed to be household names. This frustrates me beyond belief especially after seeing Stacey Solomon with a script in her hand doing the panto last year. I would understand maybe having one principal character that is a household name but does every character have to be known? It is so sad that this is the way theatre is going, that in order to get bums on seats you need to have a ‘famous’ person in the show and I’m sorry the people that they look for aren’t always necessarily right for the part!                                             I was so disappointed in Stacey when I saw the papers the next day having read she went on with the script. I don’t care that it may have been for the first show only or even just for the first half, regardless you should have the script learnt! Panto scripts aren’t hard to learn. If you’re on another job, you should make time in order to learn the script so you can go in and be professional as possible. Stacey was in Australia doing I’m A Celebrity in the morning. What did she do in the afternoons or in the evenings? She could have learnt the script on the flight back!!

Last year I was on a job and then I was called with 4 days to go to be in a panto myself. Albeit the panto was for tiny children so it was really simple but it was still a script, a professional job and I was still on another acting job. I learnt my panto script and I was off book and went on stage knowing my lines! There is no excuse whatsoever. If you take on too much then it is down to you to speak to your agent and try and work something out.

It really upsets me that B listers are given a better chance of getting these jobs when an ‘unknown’ actor could do the job just as well or even better. How will we ever get our chance to shine if we aren’t given the platform to do it?



But hey all is well this end, just trying to make my way and be happy whilst I do it!




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