Travelling, Germany


The curtain went up for the first time on Bowler Crab’s production of King Lear by William Shakespeare on Saturday.

I am currently playing Cordelia and the Fool – two ends of the spectrum. A young girl who cries in every single scene she is in and torn apart by her father who banishes her for loving him truly and then a Fool who laughs at anything and everything and looks CRAZZZYYY!!!

We had a dress run at the studio on Thursday night and then a dress run in the space on Friday night. Both nights not finishing until 11pm by the time I had got home it was past midnight and then I had work at 8am the next day. Girl’s gotta  work, gotta get me some monies!

Then on Saturday we got to the venue for around 2pm and did 1 last dress run in the space before the curtain call at 7:30pm.

The dress runs went well but you could tell everyone was concentrating so hard on the words coming out of their mouth rather then really having fun with it. I hate that about the learning of scripts, I don’t know if anyone else does it. But you learn your lines and then you learn the movement and then it gets to the point where you’re concentrating so much on cues, what movement goes where and when you to open your mouth at the right time that you forget to have fun!! I suppose after the hard work you can then play hard 🙂

I must say the last dress before the performance I really did have fun and made little mistakes. For the performance I was so nervous I nearly vomited and pooed myself all at the same time *well that’s what it felt like I could do* that I forgot to really enjoy it! and I did make some mistakes that shouldn’t have happened.

I love my job but when I’m waiting to go on stage I get so nervous I always start questioning why I do what I do.. but when I get on stage and when I take my bow I then realise why I do it. Nothing quite like a rapturous applause.

The Fool – Peter Mould (Photographer)
Fool, King Lear and Kent – Peter Mould (Photographer)


We still have 5 performances left and I have made a promise to myself that I will enjoy every single second of it. I don’t know when the next pay check will come from after this and what the next acting job will be so I shall enjoy this whilst I can.

If anyone would like to come and see me act an emotional wreck and a complete nutter then please visit this

Please note performances for this Friday and Satruday you will need to visit





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