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My life after the Rhine.

Here we are then.

My first blog post not German related.

I’ve been out of acting work now for about 7 weeks. How time has flown. I took two weeks off after coming back from Germany just to sleep and get back into life here in England. Didn’t really take much doing to be honest! It was just so lovely catching up with friends and family and feeling part of it all again.

I went to two auditions in that 2 weeks ‘off’ which weren’t the greatest! I had to remind myself that I was out of the swing of things for 12 months nearly and for that reason my auditioning SUCKED! I felt so let down by my own self and it wasn’t for lack of effort or organisation to be ready for it either. I just think that being in a protective bubble on mainland Europe put me out of sync a little. Someone might say otherwise!

So since then, I bought my own home studio so I can start my own voiceover work. It’s always been something I’ve loved to do,and since University and recording some radio plays my passion for it has grown and grown. In total it cost me around £300 and that was for everything. From mic stand, to pop shield to even the microphone.

I was part of a voiceover webinar from VoiceOver Kick Start run by Guy Michaels this year which I was able to be apart of in Germany ( It was really insightful and helped me gain an idea of the voiceover industry and how much there is out there to explore far beyond BBC Radio Four, which sadly I thought was all there ever was. He taught me how to construct myself as a voiceover artist and where to look for the work outside of the BBC and agents.

So the home studio is all constructed and sat in my room and at the moment collecting dust.. I was recommended a sound programme to record which I’ve been playing around with but frankly not enough! Once I’m comfortable with the software and learn how to make the sound, sound good and edit it well then I will start properly going for these jobs. At the moment I do have A LOT of fear and positive mind grabbers that are telling me if I apply for a job and I’m successful that then my sound recording will be naff and I will forever be black listed as the girl that can’t record. I feel positive though that I’ve been fairly productive in the voiceover area and although the equipment is standing in my room, I have taken the plunge to buy it and it sits there and reminds me every time I go into my room that it’s there and there’s a passion waiting to be filled! All I can say is WATCH THIS SPACE. If you will.

As many performers out there will know, after one contract has ended you may not always be lucky enough to know where the next pay check is coming from. This is why I have signed up to temping. Please don’t groan..I do enough of that myself. I know that I signed myself up for it and yes it does pay my bills when I get the job but I find it’s a good reminder for me to to not let go of my USUAL DAY JOB. My brain tells me each day..I’m so thankful this isn’t my job and just remember you love performing. I’m not made to sit at a desk day in day out and answer the phone and write notes. As much as the companies I’ve worked for are really lovely and I’ve met and worked with some great people this isn’t what I get out of bed for. It’s just a means to an end. Until then I’ll just smile and answer the phone and take notes! 😀

I’m currently working at a private based company in the middle of Canturbury. It’s lovely. I’m pretty much on my own which is why I’m able to write this blog. It’s a very quiet company so there isn’t much to it. Last week I was working at a car dealership in Maidstone and before that another car dealership in Ashford. As you can see I’m well travelled. I’m not just an actor I’m also front of house staff for any company who’s receptionist has either thrown a sicky or has booked to sit on a lovely beach somewhere abroad. 😉

I’ve currently made some good headway though with my acting career. I’ve FINALLY  got my website up and running which has been constructed for me by a friend of a friend, Emma. If anyone needs a website designed then get in touch with her on the following: her

My website will be going live in a week after I’ve assigned my correct domain to it so I’ll let you know when it’s up and running and then you can see for yourself what lovely work Emma has created. It’s so exciting for me and you might think ‘oh get over it Leanne it’s just a website, I can create one in minutes.’ But for me being self employed, doing my own taxes, having business cards is so exciting. I know I’m not the only actor to have one or the only person EVER to have all of that but when I was little and my Dad gave me his business card to have and told me to look at his website he had created I was in awe really. It’s so professional and it’s super cool to have them and here I am getting it all done to promote me and my skills. Exciting!

I have my showreel being filmed in 2 weeks as well.

Which reminds me I really must learn the lines for the scenes I’ve written!

So that’s exciting and then that’s something I can add to my website and then it’ll be almost complete!!

Ah exciting stuff in the admin world of my business. Oh and exciting stuff in the acting side of it, the actual acting side. I did audition after my 2 weeks off! luckily.. for the part originally of Regan in King Lear. This was to work with Bowler Crab Productions who I’ve worked with before and absolutely loved it.

I went to the audition not too nervous as I knew the panel really well, but I was actually bricking it when it came to open my mouth an act as I really wanted to do a good job! I went for Regan as she has the eye gouging scene and I felt Cordelia wasn’t on stage enough. Well anyway the director suggested that due to my youthful looks..*Athankyou* it might be nice for me to read Cordelia for them. I suggested at the time that she wasn’t on stage enough but if she was put with another character I.E The Fool I would be more than happy to read and play them both.

The audition went well, I was super nervous! and the pages were shaking in my hand but I got through it! and we had a laugh and it was great.

1 week later I was told that I had got the part of Cordelia and the Fool to be played in the indoor tour  which will travel in the Kent and East Sussex region from November to December. It’s great stuff and I can’t WAIT to play the Fool, I think that’ll be great fun and will extend my acting ability for a character that’s so physical. It’ll take up my acting schedule really as it is every weekend now until the performances. If I find some middle of the week stuff I’ll be sure to take it.

So that’s me and my life since Germany. A little insight to an actors life that’s not quite made it to the West End… yet.

If anyone would like to comment and discuss anything mentioned then please feel free. If anyone has any jobs acting or otherwise then please do get in touch! and if you just want to moan then you can do that too.

All the best and I’ll be in the touch!! 🙂

P.s I have spin tonight and I have horrible air conditioning breath..YUCK!



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