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The Final Curtain..

This last blog to round up Germany has been a long time coming. I kept thinking hard about what to write and how I needed to write something that was heart felt and interesting for you to read but instead I just kept thinking and didn’t actually do any writing!! The thought was there though…I can’t even say I’ve been particularly busy ha.

Anyway here it is the final blog entry that is about my German tour. The reason that kicked started my WordPress blog and what has got me into blogging in the first place.

The last week of Germany was good fun. We only had a 4 day week but did have 2 three show days intwined with it all. We also had a different van and a courtesy car for the first 2 days as our beloved SOFA was broken with a poorly clutch! I was driving around in an Hyundai for the start of the week. It was weird being low down though and on the same level with the rest of the Autobahn, rather than being up high and feeling like I was owning the road! haha.

The shows in the last week went well (as far as I can remember). The last day was good, had some good audiences. The stage wasn’t the greatest as the wall at the back of the stage was built at an angle which meant the set couldn’t sit flush against the back wall..This did cost us valuable space but we managed it. Like I’ve always said, on this tour especially, there’s never a dull moment, not even right at the end.

The week concluded with the last supper, which we spent in the square of Hilden, sat outside enjoying the heat and the fresh evening and the faint cries from the pubs when Germany were losing to France in the Euros. (Were they against France?? I can’t remember completely).

So lets give you the statistics of the tour you have been reading about. For team KW we performed over 31 weeks:

  • Maid Marian 124 times
  • The Slug in the Shoe 108 times
  •  The Girl with the Golden Wig 82 times.

For a total of 314 performances.

We travelled 24,858 kilometres which equates to 15,446 miles!! :O

We survived German winter dropping down to levels of around -18 when we were in Hildesheim area, illness (I for one suffered laryngitis!!), long days, sitting in lots and lots of traffic on the Autobahn, some pretty difficult audiences but some of the best children I’ve ever worked with.

It’s been an amazing experience and 1 month on I’m definitely missing Germany and what it offered me. I miss the scenery and the cities and the buildings. It was such a beautiful place where I felt somewhat cosy there. It had a cosiness to it that I miss. The people were lovely too and as much as I tried to speak my best German at all times they were willing to speak English anyway..well most were ;).

My top three places of Germany were:

  • Cologne (WINNERRRR)
  • Nuremberg
  • Lübeck

Munster it’s a lovely place to visit too if you’re in the area. My least favourite place was Hanover. There isn’t much to do there and the city itself hasn’t had a lot of money put into it so it suffers for this. Hamburg is a great city and the miniature wonderland is the place to visit! but I didn’t get a good feel from Hamburg.

The German Christmas markets are the best around!! Visit Hamburg or Cologne for the Christmas markets. Although saying that, even if you aren’t a fan of the city and want to stay somewhere more rural,the nearest town WILL have a christmas market and it’ll be just as lovely! I don’t know how many Christmas Markets I visited but there was A LOT so you won’t miss out!

There we are then. The final blog about my German experience. It’s been fantastic! and the pictures I’ve received after have been hilarious and depict some great moments that I’ve had on stage and memories that I will cherish forever.

Thank you to White Horse Theatre for giving me a fantastic opportunity and for teaching me some great lessons in the world of acting and life! Thank you to my team for being brilliant support at times when I really needed you and also for not actually killing me in my sleep when I was being a complete an utter cow! You were a wonderful team and I hold some very fond memories of you all that I’ll never forget!


So…for one last time I shall say:


Tchüss xxx




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