Travelling, Germany

Last weekend in Germany..Bonn and Pride.

For my last weekend in Germany I took a trip to Bonn to visit the city there and pop in to see Beethoven 😉 and then on the Sunday I went to my first Pride parade in Köln.

My excited face for the weekend!

In Bonn, there is a museum called the Koenig Museum. It is named after a scientist called Alexander Koenig who donated his specimens to the museum. It was €5 to get in and pretty cool and if you like birds..this is the place for you. The top floor of the museum has TONNES of birds..


Mink whale bone




The Rathaus of Bonn.



Ludwig Van Beethoven.


I wasn’t able to take pictures of Beethoven’s house but it was so good and quite interesting. The house that he was born in was pretty cold but fairly big. Many floors rather than grand rooms.

One thing that was really interesting was there was an interactive music experience. You went down to the basement of his house, where there was a big screen and seats on the edge of the room. In the middle of the room where 4 blocks with different things to move like a ball that could spin and ropes you could pull etc. The music would play and on the screen, light would move around the screen and represent the different characters in the song of Beethoven (can’t remember the song I’m afraid). So you had spirals that were the woman, a sphere that was a gentlemen. At certain points of the story you could stand up and interact with the blocks in the room and these moved the lights on the screen. You could go up down and left and right and if you came too close to certain lights or characters they interacted in different ways. I hope this is making sense as it’s quite hard to explain. But it was really interesting and you had a choice and a chance to re-in-act the story that was being sung and played in the room. Balletic.

Bonn is a lovely place and was a nice place to end on for my last weekend of Germany. The home of Haribo which is good for the kids and also lots of lovely shops and Cafés. I would recommend Bonn if you are in the area and a lover of Classical music.

On the Sunday I then went to Köln to experience Pride and the parade. It was so much fun and I was absolutely buzzing after! I managed to squeeze myself at the front so I was able to catch lots of free things and have good interactions with the floats. My favourite highlight was dancing to YMCA with 100’s of other people!



What a great last weekend I had an absolute blast partying in Germany. A really nice way to end.




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