Travelling, Germany


Yesterday we performed in Lübeck for the second time. We had 2 shows which meant we could have the afternoon doing looking around the city. After our fleeting visit here last Friday it was finally nice to have some lunch here and explore a little bit.

Lübeck is a very ancient city and the buildings, like many Germany towns, speak a thousand words of the history they have lived through.

We first had lunch by the water where I has baked potato with stripes of salmon and sour cream. (OfenKartoffeln mit sour cream und Lachsstreifen) .



We then went to the Puppet museum and theatre. It was so out of the way that you wouldn’t necessarily know it would be there. A lovely little venue and had some very expensive puppets for sale too. Unfortunately, there was no shows on today but if you’re even in Lübeck with small children, I definitely recommend it. But if you don’t fancy the show there is a puppet museum available all year round.


Then we went into the main square which reminded me very much of the main square in Brussels. It was so beautiful and so old! We were lucky enough to also catch a band playing that were from Sweden.



Below is a picture of a statue of the Devil. You can read the story of why he is there. Quite interesting really.


The Devil and I.


After that, we all parted ways to explore by ourselves and do what we wanted to do. I realised I hadn’t visited a Church in a while so I went into St. Mary’s. I am so thankful I went in.



‘In the night preceding Palm Sunday 1942, St. Mary’s church was heavily damaged in the British air raid on Lübeck. That night, the bells crashed to the ground. To this day they bear witness to the event, still lying in the chapel beneath the southern spire. In the course of reconstruction starting in 1947, the original Gothic paintings, which has been painted over in Baroque times, were restored, and objects lost in the fire were replaced.’-  St. Mary’s of Lübeck leaflet.

I was SO glad I had gone in!! To see the bells lying on the floor just as they fell that fateful night was actually really fascinating. They were quite large lying on the ground and to see how the ground has broken up around them and everything was really something to see.


The tower above the bells. Good old iphone swappage of camera! haha

I lit my candle (like I always do in Church’s.) This one for Love. Faith. Humanity.

A really weird painting/print of white men and black skeletons..Quite scary actually.

Astronomy clock..Even went off when I was there.

Some really eerie and quite massive crucifixes.

There hasn’t been many of these commemorating the fallen of the wars but here is one.


This entire man was made of Marzipan..who was sat in the window of the shop selling lots and lots of Marzipan.

That’s my hand print on the cool metal thingy! haha

The original gate of the city. Almost certain it’s on the lean.

This man is from Ahrensburg. Pretty cool.
So yes this was Lübeck. Thoroughly loved it and it may even have landed a place in on the top 3 places to visit in Germany..(coming to a blog very soon 😉 )

We move tomorrow to Rostock for one night and then back down on Friday to Hilden (in between Dusseldorf and Cologne). Lots of miles and lots of driving for me but should be ok.

It is the weekend yet?? or even is it the end of tour yet?? Zzzzzzz!





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