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My Journey into Soest..

Hello to my readers!! I realise I haven’t been around lately. End of tour and not much is happening. Things are winding down here on the tour and we have been to many places we have been to before. Less to write about unfortunately. But I have two blogs to bring to you this fine Sunday, as I have found myself doing some interesting things.

So last weekend I decided to be a tourist in Soest. My home and base whilst I have been living here in Germany. It’s the place we rehearsed in, it’s the place we return to after each term and it’s a place I will always remember.

Soest is a medieval town and dates back to around 836AD. It’s a beautiful little town, with gorgeous architecture.


This is what I wore for my trip. I bought a second hand mans shirt from a shop in Jade. LOVE IT.

I walked into Soest from Mullingsen which was about a 40 minute walk along the road. No path but it was fine, there was a white line that separated me from the cars travelling at 70kmh…. I listened to Fargo’s soundtrack on the way in and I must say I was a little jumpy walking past the bushes with murderous music playing in my ears. Let’s just say the walk back was with something a bit more light!


Soest was originally a walled town and today you can walk along it and walk around the whole edge of the town pretty much and this is what I did.



The Sun then finally came out to say hello, making my pictures a lot nicer!IMG_6239IMG_6242IMG_6246IMG_6249IMG_6252IMG_6255

A quick selfie along the way 😉


My walk was really lovely and I even bought a new hoody that I have had my eye on for a while..Happy days!!


After my walk back, I decided to take some pictures of Mullingsen itself. So that you guys could see where it has all began for me.

Mullingsen is a sleepy village but the residents are lovely and are so used to huge batches of English people arriving and leaving. They still remain happy..I think.. haha.IMG_6285

The building on the right is the main White Horse Base! The back of it anyway..



I went for a run after going into the town..and met some MASSIVE snails…The views on my run aren’t bad at all are they?? IMG_6308IMG_6310IMG_6311

I will miss Soest. It is a great place and has good night life and nice shops and the people are friendly too. For a first town of Germany that I ever really laid my eyes on I would say it was great start and will be a good place to end.

I probably will never come back here again (unless I tour of course with White Horse in the future). It’s crazy to think these places I visit and spend my time I may never see again, but I am happy in knowing I have been here and been able to witness the beauty.


Stay tuned for blog 2 of today involving mini worlds and English theatre…


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