Travelling, Germany

Giant in a mini world..

This weekend I went to Miniature Wunderland in Hamburg. A place I have wanted to visit since before Christmas. I have heard so much about it and it’s the biggest model world of it’s kind in the world.

So I reserved my tickets online this time as the queue was so large last time when I tried to turn up that I really didn’t want to miss out. I won’t be back this way again so it was a must have!! Tickets were €13.00 for an adult and you could spend as long as you wanted in there. Me and Kathi went and unfortunately had a time frame as we were going to the theatre after.  We got round it all in 2 hours but I could have stayed there all day just looking at the different scenes. It was genius and the work and effort that they put into it is just incredible!


Outfit and face of the day…


Oi Oi, Cheeky!!




What I really loved about the wonderland is that, each world had a day and night. And when nighttime was arriving, lights would start turning on in the houses and car lights would turn on and streetlights. It was ingenious!! You then got to see different scenes that you wouldn’t have caught in the day. UFO’s landed at night in one world and a rocket took off in another.

They had interactive buttons throughout the whole exhibition and when you pressed them little scenes started up. We had a theatre scene of Romeo and Juliet, men with diggers digging up the road, cranes coming alive. So so good.

Trains galore too! They ran under your feet, over your head and in and out of tunnels. Planes took off and landed at the airport and trucks and cars were constantly on the move in their tiny world. All controlled as a main control desk. Soo great!

Unfortunately, I am unable to upload videos onto my blog, because I don’t pay for WordPress..I know I know what a tightwad..but if you’re interested please look on youtube and have a look at their website :

After the wonder of miniature wonderland, Me and Kathi then met up with James and Sean to watch ‘Dangerous Obsession’ by N.J Crisp at the English Speaking Theatre. It was so good. It was a thriller with lots of gun shots and lots of twists and turns. James knew some of the actors and we met them for a drink after the show. It was really lovely and it was a sold out performance which was nice. I tell you what, it was nice to watch some other people acting for a change 😉

The next day, (today) I went to see Hamlet at the English Cinema (Savoy) in Hamburg. Hamlet was filmed as part of the National Theatre Live and had Benedict Cumberbatch at his finest! It was truly sublime! I have never really thought about Benedict much but after this performance today I am a true fan. The design was brilliant and the set and music it was all just brilliant. They had slow motion timed with lighting affects and music it was fab. Couldn’t rate it any higher.


Mine and Kathi’s Love Chair.


The cinema was the poshest cinema I have ever been in, in my life. All seats reclined! and some even had foot raisers. Some chairs had champagne chillers. In the foyer you could get any drink you like with a mini bar behind them! They served you glass as well! They even had lush carpet in there which Kathi and I took our shoes off and made ourselves right at home!

Tour has seemed to have picked up the pace at the moment so much so I even fell asleep in there! Kathi had to slightly let me know I was snoring every so slightly…OOPS! but it was the power nap I needed as after that I was away and managed to last the rest of the play. Dark, warm spaces are enough to make me fall asleep no matter how exciting the film.


It has been a good weekend but I am so exhausted. I haven’t really recovered from a hectic week and about to bounce straight into another one :/ but hey! I can’t really complain I get to act and do what I love and it’ll be over soon and I’m sure I’ll miss it once I’ve recovered.

It’s really crazy how quick it has gone. Please do expect a few more blogs in the next 3 weeks. I am already planning some last minute trips to some places and also my last blog of tour..



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