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No moaning at the Möh..nesee!

After school today, everyone had left to go to their long weekend areas and as I’m not flying back to Britain until tomorrow morning I decided to take full advantage of all the van miles we have and the sun and drive to the Möhnesee, 19 minutes away 😉 hardly a trek :P.

I’ve been here a few times and we even had an accommodation right on the edge of the lake but the weather was so poor that you couldn’t take full advantage of the views and what it has to offer. I.e Ice cream parlours, kaffee und tee places.

This time though the sun was beating down and I just couldn’t wait to find a bench somewhere and read my book. (I’m reading ‘Gone Girl’ btw, before I watch the film and might I add it’s BRILLIANT!!)

I took a walk from the van, along a bridge and through the forest walk area which I just love so much. I last walked through the forest when it was Autumn (see blog from October 2015) and the leaves were all red and brown and the air was crisp. Beautiful then and beautiful now. To think people live on the edge looking out over the water. What a life!


On my walk through the forest area to try and find a nice bench, I looked to the right to find some people in a field with tall grass. I thought it was a great place that people had commandeered for sunbathing but maybe the tall grass wasn’t a great idea with the bugs etc.. only then to realise….THEY WERE NAKED! A nudist sunbathing area. To be fair it was out of the way and most of it was secluded from prying eyes aka ME! haha but I wasn’t expecting to look right and see a man and his ding dong out haha.

I’m so naive aren’t I? haha or maybe just English?



The pictures really don’t do the area justice. It is just stunning. I took my sunglasses off at many points just so I could appreciate the true colours. I would love to come back here one day in the future when I’m not touring and possibly stay at a hotel on the lake. ❤


Also not this weekend but next weekend me and my group are going to Amsterdam! So that weeks blog will be immense !! 😛 We have a few things planned ;).

Anyway, happy Pentecost. Tschüss. xxx


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