Travelling, Germany

Got to love a good Dinklage!

Helloooo!! It has been such a long time since I’ve blogged, well 16 days to be exact. We haven’t recently visited anywhere new and I haven’t really been able to document about it either due to no wifi or bad signal.

So we did visit a place called Dinklage (HA) and we stayed on a pig farm. I was a little apprehensive at first due to the fact that I had heard some horror stories about the pig farm we stay opposite in Soest, but it wasn’t so bad.

I managed to fit a 6 mile run in whilst I was there, as it had a beautiful pathway alongside the main road that twisted and turned through the trees and past the green fields. I even managed to beat the rain which was something.

The next day, our last day staying at Dinklage (we were only there for 4 days) the farmer said he could show us around the whole farm, pigs included! So me and Kathi went and put on our overalls and wellies provided by the farmer. He even checked to see if any spiders had set up home in them, how kind. He was the only man with 3 daughters and a wife so I think it must have been engrained into him haha.

Anyway, he said that we would need to wash our hair after as the smell would just attack us and quite rightly so. We went into the first barn that had about 20 pigs in that had either just been inseminated or they were in the early stages of pregnancy. It really smelt in there and the flies were crazy. He let some of them out to meet us which I found quite overwhelming! They were huge female pigs and they weren’t afraid to knock you out of the way if you were where they wanted to be. I was clinging onto the oldest daughter, who must have been about 12! for dear life.

He took us around the other barns that were again full of pigs. One for the males, one of the newly born and ones that are ready for market. I found that quite upsetting. The pigs ready for market had a red line sprayed on their back so he knew which ones needed to go – it was quite upsetting to see really. I am not a vegetarian and when I first moved out here I stopped eating meat due to the pig farm we stayed opposite but due to health reasons I went back to eating meat. Again I found myself crying and upset over what I had seen even though they were ok and well looked after. I just didn’t like the fact they weren’t outside, and got fresh air. Their life consisted of being in this barn, it’s really not much of a life.

The farmer was a lovely man and he said that for him it is particular hard. Not only is there not much profit but he finds it hard to not get attached to them. We asked why they didn’t have hay or straw down on the floor and he said that due to the large numbers and being the only worker on the farm he simply doesn’t have the time for the up keep of what straw would make. It is easier if they didn’t have anything.

One thing that did shock me is that the pigs were very cannibalistic. In a sense that, the males especially, would bite their inmates tails and then suck on the blood. There is a law that you aren’t allowed to cut their tails off and so this then leaves a great tail for the pigs to gnaw on! Crazy and poor piggies too 😦 some tails looked really raw and sore.

He mentioned that even if he had them outside to roam around they would still fight and eat each other that apparently it’s just what they do..:S

He had some British pigs in a separate barn that he was getting ready to integrate with the rest of the clan. Due to diseases and other illnesses he has to acclimatise them to allow their bodies to readjust.

Other than the pigs, they had a cat that gave birth whilst we were there! and they had loads of chickens and 2 noisy cockerels, that kept me up most mornings. They even had rabbits and dogs. It was heaven really apart from the pigs.


So this was our stay in Dinklage and then we moved back to base.


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