Travelling, Germany

ALRIGHTY Ol’ Blighty!

I went back to England last week. Wednesday to Saturday. It was Christi HimmelFahrt here in Germany, which meant we had time off from working to celebrate Christ going to Heaven.

I managed to see my newly born Nephew and I managed to see him only just 2 days old. He is so handsome and it’s lovely to have a new boy in the family too. We are overrun by females so nice to change it up for a bit haha.


My nephew George ❤




After fun and games at my sisters, I went to see Captain America – Civil War with Karl.IMG_5253IMG_5256

Karl had a surprise for me on Friday which he managed to keep a secret for a few weeks. Very proud haha!


Blindfolded in the car so I couldn’t see where we were going.


THE ZOO!!!!! 😀 We tried to go the zoo last time during Easter but due to weather and running out of time we never managed to make it. So Karl decided to take me to zoo 🙂IMG_5276IMG_5277IMG_5278IMG_5281IMG_5296IMG_5297IMG_5300IMG_5305IMG_5307IMG_5309IMG_5312IMG_5322

After the zoo, Karl then took me to one of my favourite places. When I was a child we always used to go to a place on the Eastwell Manor grounds, where you could feed the ducks and run around an old church ruin there. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.

So we turned up there and Karl had arranged a picnic for us both complete with Prosecco! Yummy!! 😀

The surprise day he had planned was so thoughtful and I had a great day in the sunshine, laughing my head off with him. ❤ I can’t wait for July to arrive so more days can happen!IMG_5342IMG_5344IMG_5347IMG_5348IMG_5354

It was a really lovely weekend and managed to see Stella and a bit of my Dad as well which was nice.

I am back next Saturday until the Monday for a short but needed visit.

I hope you’re all ok and hope to see you all soon. Only 9 weeks left of tour and then out into the big wide world again. Will definitely miss Germany, it’s been a very good second home to me.



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