The International Mill of Wind with a licence to blow…

Last week I was in Gifhorn for two nights. This is the place just off of the B188 that has the camper vans with women selling their bodies if you remember? The blog was called “Too be flashed and not by the flashers!”

Gifhorn is home to the International Windmill and Watermill Museum, apparently one of its kind in Europe!

Kathi and I on the last day jumped at the chance to go and it was only a 15 minute walk from the accommodation and €10! 


Irish Windmill – they seem to have forgot ?

The Windmills weren’t that far from each other but after climbing the steps inside and around the park we couldn’t wait to stop off for a piece of Butter kuchen and heiße Schokolade!  In a very German cafe!  

Scary manakins in the Ukraine mill.
It was beautiful weather! As you can tell by the pictures everything just looks pretty.

After the windmills we came across a Russian Orthodox Church. We ummed and arred whether to go in but we paid another €2.50 and went in. My jaw hit the floor..



It was so beautiful in there and so much gold! We asked what made it orthodox apparently they believe similar to Catholics but it’s all so much more elaborate to show how rich Russia is.


After the windmill museum, even though our feet were hurting, we managed to walk into the town and find some goats!



It was such a glorious afternoon! The weather was lovely but we were a bit wind milled out after ! 

I highly recommend going there if you’re going past! It’s a unique place to visit but all the signs are in German so it’s a more a place to look rather than read!

I was really gutted too as there was a glockenpalast,  with Russian influence but it was closed :/.

It has a bell in front of it of 10,000 tonne.  

The unit monument “European Liberty Bell” was built in an open space in front of the bell-palace of 2007. It recalls the case of the “Iron Curtain” and the regained peace and freedom unit of Germany and Europe.

Over all a grand day! 


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