Travelling, Germany

What’s that coming over the hill is it a Münster??

Whilst in Ibbenbüren we are about 40 minutes away from Münster, a city that Sean has bigged up since being out in Germany.

Last week we decided to take a drive into the city and see what all the fuss was about.

It was a nice place, Sean was on cloud 9 and buzzing around, taking u


An amazing astro clock!
You can ring my beeellll, ring ma bell!


So many bikes in the capital of Münster.
Anyone for the Pissoir? haha


It was nice to see Münster and we had a nice day. I managed to buy some new clothes and found a gorgeous dress which was actually the highlight of my day, oh that and chinese food. Of course the company was good too.

I’m not getting bored of Germany because I am sure there are many amazing places to see and visiting these towns and cities is great too but I am coming to a realisation. They all look the same. Unless you go to somewhere that offers something different, like Köln had the Gestapo museum and the Cathedral was colossal and it also had some cool relics as well, the other towns just doesn’t fair up. Yes they are scenic and all have beautiful architecture but I am starting to get a little bored now. The Churches have stopped wowing me and the old part of the towns are just same old same.

I sound like a moany old git now who’s out stayed their welcome, but I can’t help it. I think I’ve seen as much of the North West as I can and if I ever come back to Germany I will be sure to check out more of the South and the East and who knows these new places might give me a new look on the North West.

My favourite city I have been to so far in the North is Köln and in the South, Nuremberg. Just amazing. But maybe it’s because they offer what I like..that’s probably it – haha.

I’m home on Friday for a very fleeting visit just to catch up on life events at home but then after 10 days back at work after that I am back home AGAIN for a long weekend! BLISS.

Speak soon. Shone Abhend. xxx


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