Travelling, Germany

The first of many…

Hulloooo, Guten Tag!! I haven’t had internet for a whole 5 days!! How did I ever survive?? 😉

It was actually very pleasant actually, not having wifi, but don’t get me wrong it’s not as if I went a whole 5 days without any kind of internet! I realised that I get a certain amount of allowance on my German phone. So I topped it up and managed to have 4G for most of the days which was a nice! A few whatsapp calls back to ‘ol blighty was had.

Anyway, Haltern Am See or Haltern on Sea to us Englishmen. It was actually a really nice place, very much a sea side town but without the sea…It was most odd. It was on the sea apparently but without the sea…and not for want of trying. Kathi tried to find this water many times but failed ! 😦

We were staying in a town house right within the town walls, so it was literally a step outside the front door and we were in town! Lovely boutique shops, arts and crafts shop, or a shop I would call a Leanne Shop haha!  They did have at least 4 stationery shops, and that’s what I counted..crazy!!

They had a good standard amount of statues too which was always a good photo opportunity.

We had beautiful weather whilst we were there. I didn’t have to wear a coat or even a jumper!! SHOCK. We took the opportunity to go for ice cream. I had Eis Shockolade that came with extras…


This little beauty was painted on someone’s garage door. I shouldn’t laugh as I can’t draw anything at all..but the scale on this horse is hilarious! Sean had previously named her as Beatrice from a previous tour. So here I give you Beatrice.


OUCH! Little wotsit!


Sean and I went for a little walk around the town on the last evening before we moved back to Ibbenbüren and we found all these cool stencil art.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So this was Ibbenbüren in a nutshell really. Not much really happened, other than work and soaking up the sun rays whilst we had it. I managed a 6 mile run whilst I was there and that was pretty epic!



We found these two gems at a school the other day. The jacket on the right is pretty rocking! but then this picture of a bicep muscle came to my attention..when Kathi read it and said that the writing next to the drawing says the following:

‘Good with working out and do lots of good w**king.’   PAH! This drawing was on the wall, with lots of other pictures. As if the teacher thought this was good example with that word on there!! Funny though and I’m guessing very truthful from the gentleman that produced this.


Then on Friday to boost moral on a wet, dreary day I introduced the SnapChat filters…needless to say it was hilarious!!


This is the first of a two parter as I will now tell you about my weekend day trip to Münster!

See you in a jiffy! xx


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