Travelling, Germany

Sean and Leanne’s Day of Adventure!

I had a great day yesterday!

Sean and I went to visit the Dörenther klippen 10 minutes drive away from where we are staying. It’s a World Heritage Site and called a GeoPark. Apparently these GeoParks are kept and protected as they are seen to benefit the people that live near it. I can totally see why.

We parked the van really close to the entrance of the park and made our way down into the forest. The beautiful tall trees letting in the sunlight soon made it easy to take my jumper off!

I have been told via the internet about the ‘Squatting Wife.’ Which is a formation of rocks (I’m sure is the highest part of the whole forest), said to be that of a mother who took her children there when the valley was flooded to get away from the water. As the water was getting higher and higher she decided to squat down and allow her children to climb on top of her. The legend has it that she turned to stone herself and therefore she became the ‘squatting wife.’ A sad story really but one of the most beautiful view points in the whole place!


This is the ‘Squatting Wife.’
Sun where have you gone??
A woman was carving into the stone with a hammer and chisel whilst we were there. This is said woman and this is said rock. It says something along the lines of ‘The heart is our fortune, also grace the other sight.’ << not great translation but you get the idea.




I look so unattractive but I have my walking stick (thanks Sean) and I’m happy.


The walk was really lovely and when the sun was shining it was really great. Being able to see the ‘squatting wife’ was quite something too.

After the woods we then took a small trip into the town of Ibbenbüren. As a team we always grade our towns on whether they have a H&M or not. This town does have an H&M so that was a bonus but aside of that, it was just a sleepy little town with not much happening.


The Germans love a statue!

I bought a couple of things in H&M in the sale! which was nice. A pair of shorts, a mustard coloured top, and a jumper! I’m sure you will see pictures of these in the future! 🙂

After town we then went to the supermarket for some last minute bits and look what I FOUND!


MY DAY WAS MADE!!! I have resisted the urge to open it as I want to savour it but I’m not sure the resisting will last much longer…I just know it will be heavenly! haha It was fairly expensive but who cares when it’s CADBURY!

So anyway, we move today from Ibbenbüren to Haltern Am See. We don’t have any wifi but I am sure we will find it somewhere in a Mcdonalds or something. But fear not, we are back in Ibbenbüren on Friday. 🙂

Talk soon! Ta Ta xxx


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