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My first week back in Germania :)

I’ve nearly been back a week and as always it started with the usual home sickness. It doesn’t matter how often I go away from home, the first 48 hours are hell. I don’t want to socialise, I don’t want to do anything apart from shut myself away. Of course I don’t do that and we had a lovely meal courtesy of the company on Saturday night. But I couldn’t help but think back to home and I went home early..mainly due to the fact I had got up at 3am that morning to catch the flight back!! but it was nice to go to sleep as I knew the morning would be better.

We are staying in Ibbenbüren, very close to the Netherland border. It is a lovely place. I have my own room with a double bed but it isn’t as nice as it sounds. As much as it’s a double bed, the bed consists of two single mattresses put together on one frame. I’m not sure where the Germans are coming from with this, but I have seen this A LOT over here..most odd. Just buy a double bed???

Well anyway, we are on a housing estate but it’s a bit more special then the estates we get in the U.K. Think more private roads? We are on the hill side, so we have a lovely view, and a fairytale like forest behind us.

Me and Sean went for a walk there on Sunday, just to explore and also the weather was 20 degrees! so it was hard to stay in.


Inside the water tower..quite boring actually.


A wooden hut, with a familiar symbol on it. This was pretty weird structure as it was on stilts with tarpaulin over it and the stilts you could lower to the ground if you wanted..



If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning you may remember a blog I posted about when me and White Horse, back in October, went for a walk to a wind turbine. Now I have a fear called megalophobia, which is completely irrational and stupid and I’m fully aware how stupid it is,but apparently I’m not the only one that gets this. Anyway, on mine and Sean’s walk I was phoned by Kathi who had ran ahead and she told me:

‘There is some big ass pylons in the direction you are walking. Just to warn you. I hate them and I nearly turned back so beware.’

Great I thought. If Kathi (who doesn’t have a stupid fear) doesn’t like the pylons due to their size then how will I fair??? Anyway, me and Sean got into conversation and I saw it. MASSIVE!!! The biggest pylon I have EVER seen. It was also joined by it’s children, the smaller pylon. It was getting closer and closer and I had to walk right past it. My heart was pounding so hard and my arms went limp but I managed it! I even took some pictures of my fear..


On the way back I had to pass it again, but this time with no fear at all!! It’s so weird, it’s like my brain had got used to it, had sized it up and realised it was no threat. To reiterate, I’m not even scared of it falling on me, I just find them so daunting and overwhelming.

At the end of the walk we found this little buddy on a rock too…


It fooled me!! I thought it was real from far away…only to find that it wasn’t haha!! What am I like??

The rest of the week has been good for weather. April showers here and there but for the most part the Sun has been out and absolutely glorious. It definitely makes touring easier, when you get up early and the sun is out and it’s a little warmer – everyone is happier and a bit more willing to talk…ha.


We have also been very lucky for the shows we have had this week. A great ease into the third term (Thank you Kerstin!!) We had 2 shows on Monday, 3 on Tuesday but then Wednesday and today we have only had 1 show!! We have been home by midday and could make our own lunch. It’s been bliss. Tomorrow we are up at 5am and it’s a three show day but after the last couple of days we have had we can hardly complain! 😛

When we visit the schools, we are usually put into a side room near the stage and these often pose some interesting things. We are usually in music rooms or classrooms or occasionally in the props room or dressing rooms. Monday, I found these…

THE BOTTOM PICTURE IS NOT A REAL GUN!! Just a prop gun. But thought it added to the craziness of the picture! It’s something you would see in a horror film right??? Spooky!! I also think I look rather fetching in a top hat, anyone else agree? Might add it to my wardrobe hahaah!

To add to all the craziness I have also started running again. It feels so good to be running the road again and feeling the burn. I have been eating far too much chocolate, bread and not to mention CHEESE! so it’s about time I got hitting the road again. After my 10k I ran in July last year I kind of took a break and then never managed to get back out to it again. I love running though and now I’ve made the first step I am hopeful I won’t stop and I will continue to train for a half marathon and then onto the London Marathon at some point before I’m 30 ! 🙂

Looking to go to the World Heritage Geo-park just down the road from me at the weekend so look forward to another blog very soon.


Caio for now! xxx





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