Travelling, Germany

My Easter break…

I have had the most amazing Easter break this year, a well rested break you might say.

The last two days of 2nd term I was poorly with Laryngitus and was bed ridden! 😦 This didn’t make flying home that great but I was soo thankful to be touching down in ol’ blighty! and get back to my mum and home comforts. This didn’t all come round as fast as I would have liked. After next to no sleep, getting on the coach at 3am!! we were delayed for 5 hours 😦 I couldn’t believe it! But by 10:30am we were back in England and I was on my way back to a bacon sandwich and a nice cup of English tea!

It was Karl’s birthday that Saturday too and I had picked up a cricket bat chocolate cake – filled with mini eggs hand made by Terry (a friend of mine). It weighed soo much but was greatly received! I got home to Kent, got ready and Karl picked me up to go to his for gift exchanging.


This cake was eaten in about 5 days aha. I barely got a look in. Safe to say it was well enjoyed by the birthday boy!

The rest of my holiday was filled with seeing my sister and niece, my dad and my nan and going on day trips with Karl. I also managed to see my best friend Holly and her children and my other friend Sarah and her new partner Rob! We went to bluewater and Bodiam Castle which was lovely! I also Found Snapchat’s face swap – here are some of the best..


My first Sunday roast at my Sisters. Was so yummy!!

EASTER!! Of course, Easter was so nice at my house! My nan came round and so did my sister and niece. Mum cooked a lovely beef roast and we ate copious amounts of chocolate! We also did a little easter egg hunt, like every year, but now Evie is around she gets most of the chocolate haha! It’s crazy how things change, I never share my chocolate with anyone and been known for it! but a little niece holding her small hand out is just too cute to slap away from my chocolate ahahah!


 I bought Evie a decorate your own Easter Egg and we sat at the dinner table and decorated it.



It was so nice to sit down after dinner, put a film on and be around some of the most important people and the people that create my world. I love that about such events because it brings you all together.

Walky time with Karl and Charlie the dog.
As you can see Karl is super happy about walking the dog.


Karl is super happy here, as he beat me hands down at Mario Kart! Pffff I let him win if anyone asks 😉


Bodiam Castle ❤ a beautiful day out. Just how I like to spend my sunny days, looking around Castles with great company.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This is my Easter break in a nut shell. My throat still feels croaky but I’m told in a week or so it should all be back to normal.

We have bought beautiful weather with us,  it’s currently 20 degrees here! I’m sitting with a strappy top and no cardigan on , on the balcony! I’m sure it won’t stay like this for long but I am definitely trying to enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Its a nice apartment overlooking the valley, so we are definitely lucky. We are swapping between here and another accommodation for most of the third term so it’s nice to know we are somewhere nice.

Anyway I’m going to go and get some dinner and get ready for the working week ahead. I am sure I will blog you in the week as I do more exploring of the area.  I wish you all a great week and message me if you want to 🙂

Tchuss! xx




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