Travelling, Germany

To be flashed and not by the flashers!

So, I wrote a blog last week about how being on tour can be spontaneous and hard when you least expect it.

The same procedure as last week, the same thing happened to the very day! Sean has been signed off work with a virus plus infection :(. Poor guy! He has been the walking dead for the weekend and all of yesterday. How he didn’t fall down during the second Maid Marian I have no idea.

But like last week… this only means one thing…Leanne gets to change characters and don some BEAUTIFUL, interesting costumes ;).

We have Andy back (please see picture from last week to see Andy) and as it’s easier for Andy to carry on playing the narrator in Maid Marian (my parts), I have now taken on the role of Robin Hood. Maid Marian last week, Robin Hood this week. Narrator is a distant memory! 😛

First show happened today. Only one and thank God! It’s exhausting, having to think about acting ! I’m not saying I don’t think in my usual roles but I can think about different aspects like changing the delivery to give it more meaning or react differently to my actors to see if that helps the scene and give it extra spark! But playing Robin Hood, a character I don’t have much connection with, I have to think about what exit I’m going to next, or what my next line is. All the things that are natural to me and my usual characters.

I managed to take some pictures of my little adventure today…please don’t laugh! 😛

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The rest of the week we are doing just Maid Marian so my Robin’s should become pretty slick!

Also I have a confession to make, unfortunately, I was caught speeding today by a sneaky camera. Unlike in England they don’t advertise about 10 miles before it arrives. They hide them in bushes and they are green to match the surroundings. The best way really! Well anyway, my first offence in 8 whole years but I am certainly not proud or happy about it that’s for sure. This right there is the FLASHED aka ME! 😦

I want to also let you know about the B188 on the way from Hannover to Gifhorn. This stretch of road has camper vans and caravan trailers parked up on the side of the roads, amongst the trees and the forestation. At first I didn’t think anything of it, that possibly they were abandoned or something, only to find out that this road is known for it’s prostitutes, that’s hang out in these campers and wait for men!

I managed to take some pictures for you, as I thought this was so bizarre..I’m not even sure that’s the right word.

This one had the lady preparing her truck for the nights work…


Managed to get a good shot of this one as we passed. Makes me laugh that it has ‘RAPIDO’ on the side haha!! It just shows you that they are normal operating vehicles but they are used for sex!


It was pretty funny because this morning they had no one around them or anything. Coming home though, we saw the woman inside them all ready and waiting. Some had their curtains drawn, others had their fairy lights flashing! and their outfits on. We were having a good old look as we were passing!

‘Ooooh look that one was all fat and tanned.’ – Kathi.

I’m pretty sure I saw some boobs!!! I find things like this totally fascinating..and I am sure this wouldn’t work in the UK? For a start is this even legal?? Also, what happens if one of these girls gets into trouble??? No one will know. These are on the edge of a huge forest, in the middle of no where! A man could just dump her body off in the forest and no one would know! She could be beaten up and held hostage and you wouldn’t know!?

It’s a sad life if you are picking men up in a rusty, dusty wagon like these above. It can’t attract the nicest of people either. I suppose it’d be lorry drivers or maybe even men that didn’t wanna be seen but STILL!!!! what an eye opener!! I feel sorry for these women, as much as its enjoyable for us to get a sneak peak into their lives, it must be horrendous for those girls :/.

…and that is the FLASHERS!

What an interesting day. Now I just have to sit and wait for my speeding fine to roll in and carry on being the best Robin Hood I can be…

Now where are my Merry Men?



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