Travelling, Germany

An eventful week…

So this weeks blog comes from a very tired writer..

Last week on Monday, Kathi was signed off by the Dr for a severe cold and flu like symptoms. This meant that 3 of us and management had to find a way of getting through the rest of the week of shows without one member.

After much deliberation and many phone calls back and forth from the mother ship, the decision was made to cancel Tuesday and the three shows we had in Leverhausen. Luckily for us the teacher was fairly happy as she was feeling under the weather too.

This meant that KW had a day off on Tuesday. This resulted in a long lie in for me and watching lots of things on Netflix. But it wasn’t all play. James, Sean and I did have to work through The Girl with the Golden Wig as a 3 hander. Originally this play was written for 3 people but during our rehearsal period we decided to try and work in a 4th person (Kathi.) Back in October, I had sort of learnt those lines but it didn’t help with the stress of it all and trying to think about the logistics in my head only wasn’t helping.  This is another thing you have to be aware of when touring. If one of you goes ill, it does play a huge strain on the group to carry on and deliver what shows we can to the best of our ability. With reassurance from James and Sean, we went through fitting me in playing all of Kathi’s characters and the logistics of costume changes and sound cues etc.

Wednesday arrived. Andy, our touring director, arrived the night before and we went into the Burgerhaus Kalk. A small functioning theatre in the centre of Cologne. EEEP!! No biggy, just happens to be very important client and here I am about to attempt a very shaky french accent in front of their audiences!

Sean, Andy and Me. 

The organiser, Tina, was very understanding about it all.  We set up, got all of our set in for the rest of the week and went through costume changes and journeys on stage with the set for the next two shows.

I was so nervous. As much as I thought I knew what I was doing and knew the jist of the lines, I really didn’t want to give a bad performance! but we did it!! and I actually really enjoyed it. The children didn’t seem to notice and Tina thought it was a rather professional performance!

Thursday was a little different. Kathi was still ill, which meant we had to rehearse Andy into Maid Marian to play my parts. All 5 of them! and then I had to rehearse and play Maid Marian. Thankfully I’ve been listening during the past 4 months and sort of had some idea of what I was doing..Andy on the other hand..bless him! needed a little sit down and a talk! We didn’t realise how complex Maid Marian was especially for the Narrator. There is a lot to say, a lot of blocking and details that really matter. Luckily though, Andy was going to read from the script for the 2 shows on Thursday and had made lots of notes on the script to tell him what he needed to do.

He looked wonderful in my costume! and we managed it! 2 shows!! James parents came to watch the second show of Marian and they didn’t even know that Marian wasn’t my usual part..! I was so chuffed with that comment. I had loads of fun acting as Maid Marian, a nice little change from playing the narrator, but I will be glad to get back as a 4 again!

One thing as well is that we let the children know we were one actor down and that Andy would be reading the script, but this didn’t affect their understanding or enjoyment at all! They got on board with everything and enjoyed every second of it! I even think Andy enjoyed himself too ;).

After Thursday we were all pretty exhausted. Crunch time came when we didn’t know if we would be able to do Slug due to not really having another female. The idea of the play is that its girls vs boys and having an extra man just wouldn’t work. Luckily for us, Kathi said she would be able to come back a day earlier and perform the 2 shows for us. What a relief! The shows were a hoot and we had lots of fun, even Kathi who I think was feeling a little ill. Mentioning ILL! Sean has been suffering since Tuesday/Wednesday himself! Currently laid up in bed watching things on his laptop and hoping to be better before work starts again on Monday.

It’s so tough this touring milarky when you get ill. The show must go on from all angles and you really have to gauge whether you can just push on and get through the shows. It takes a lot for me to stop working. There was one time I was on tour locally in Kent. I would run on stage for my parts then run backstage and vomit into bin and repeat as needed. The kids were non the wiser, unfortunately can’t say that about my fellow actors! and the show gets delivered! It isn’t like the West End on the road, you have no one to cover you and if you can shift your butt out of bed and take some paracetamol then you do!

Well anyway we got through it. I then drove 3 hours and 15 minutes from Cologne to Hanover to our next accommodation. The drive was fairly straight forward with minor sections of traffic. I must say once I got to my bed in Hanover I was conked!

Kathi on the other hand, feeling better went out for the evening! How things have changed. Here we all are suffering from tiredness and sickness and the proposed sick one is off out! haha. KW will be back to normality soon I’m sure.

This picture pretty much sums us up as a group at the moment. 

So we have arrived in Hanover and it has been interesting to say the least..I was woken up last night by a woman having sex and reaching her peak..which by the way I think was a little over the top! If I had a megaphone I would have said in an African American accent ‘Hey LADY!, pipe down girrrrl, we got people tryna sleep up here..the way ya’ll screaming sounds like you fakin’..mmhmmm.’

I got dressed up to visit a posh stately home and gardens today but it’s been so rainy and cold that I decided against it. I am so tired that I decided I’d take a trip to the super market and leave it at that.

On my way to the supermarket I did find some interesting things.


If you look to the top of this picture, that thing coming out of that window is a SLIDE!!! How amazing is that!


Cool glasses huh?! You got them free with a crate of Corona..Rather just have the glasses tbh.



Now this picture above I found particularly humorous! This notice is telling you to be quiet after 10pm at night…. I don’t think the sex muffin downstairs has read this notice!! maybe she should or next time shove a pillow in her mouth..!


Anyway I’m off to make some dinner and get back to watching ‘Orange is the New Black.’ Totally loving it!

I hope you all have a great weekend – Shones Wockenende!!





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