Travelling, Germany

‘All that leg over and shit, it made my day.’

Hello All,

I feel like I haven’t blogged for ages but not much has really been happening in the way of events really.

So the last time I wrote to you guys was about my weekend with Karl which is well over a week ago.

Since then we moved from Hildesheim and went to Delecke which is just by the base of White Horse Theatre. Just on the Mohnesee, which is absolutely beautiful. Here is a picture of me by the lake when I was there in October.


It was great time to be in Delecke actually, as the 3rd term of actors were ready to show their dress rehearsals on Friday (a day off for us! Yippee!) and on the Saturday! So we went along to watch those! We watched team KT which is our sister group perform: The Slug in the Shoe, The Girl with the Golden Wig and Romeo and Juliet! It was great to see some other slugs and wigs being done and to be the entertained rather then the entertainers. Some great performances from them and was nice to meet them again for the second time.

The second day of dress rehearsals presented us with 2 lots of the following: Spot the Dog and Jack and the Beanstalk. These plays are for primary schools here in Germany and require only 2 actors, 1 male and 1 female. They were such lovely shows and gave a good basis for children starting to learn the language. It was hard going watching 2 lots of the same shows but the 4 actors were great to watch.

White Horse had bought in some young children to watch the plays as well to help the actors get a feel for working and communicating with smaller children. It was so, so sweet. It is really full filling to watch the faces of the children when they watch our shows. They can get so drawn into it and follow you every step of the way. It makes me remember why I am doing the job I am, for the children!

This is Buttercup, from the play Jack and the Beanstalk!

After Saturdays entertainment was over, we then travelled to Westerstede, right near the border for Holland. It was a nice place but in the middle of no where. They had good Wifi there so I was able to watch all episodes of ‘Making a Murderer.’ If you haven’t watched them yet, I suggest that you do! You’ll find them on Netflix.. Please see my tweets on the side of the homepage for my gruelling comments as I watched haha!

We have now moved to Bramsche. We were here just before christmas. It is so cosy here and the beds are amazing!! One thing that I love are the pillows, because as square as they are, they are supportive and that’s all you can ask for isn’t it!?

The shows are going well and are still being received very well too! Please see below the day James put his show knickers over his trousers… something tells me he was tired…


DEE (my character in The Girl with the Golden Wig) got new stockings…Riveting.


After we had finished performing at this school where the above pictures were taken, we were approached by a teacher who gave us some wonderful feedback, apart from her thoughts on Essex.. but I let that pass..!

Teacher: Where are you all from?

Kathi: I live in Essex.

Teacher: Oh well someone has to, as long as you weren’t born there..HAHAHAHAHA.

My face: -.-!

She lived in Scunthorpe area for 14 years but since moved back to Germany to teach English. She absolutely loved ‘The Girl with the Golden Wig’ and loved all our innuendos. She was a vibrant character who loved (in her words) ‘dick jokes and all that leg over shit. It made my day, so thank you for that.’ Couldn’t have asked for anything better! We already knew a female in the audience loved it as we could hear them CACKLING the whole way through! Definitely spurred us on!

Jack and Nina had dinner together on Monday night, lasagne and knoblauchbrot (garlic bread). How funny is the word for garlic though! haha.



Looking back I have actually been up to quite a bit. I’m going to spend the rest of the evening, getting ready for a 5am get up! Crying a little inside all ready, but not long to go until the weekend…hehe.


I’ll  leave you with one of my favourite pictures from the week..

Happy Wednesday everyone! You’re over the hump now, it’s down hill to the weekend!






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