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Oh Eye Don’t Know!

For about 1 year now I have been suffering on and off, but mainly on with eczema around my eyes. Both eyes at times or sometimes just one.  I also now have it on my elbows which is a little more easier to cope with!

Being an actress or actually just being the girl I am, I always want to look the best I can. Clear skin, nice eyebrows, hair looking nice and make up (not too much of that though.) Unfortunately, with this eyelid eczema I haven’t been able to wear the make up on my eyes as I usually would, consisting of eye liner and mascara. Mainly because the eyelids would be so swollen I wouldn’t want to draw attention to it but also because the ingredients of the make up would make them itch even more and become red and irritated.

I have been to a dermatologist,at the time it wasn’t so bad, explained that it was stress related and it would just go away if I stopped itching. Despite every effort to not itch the most intense itch I have ever experienced, it still didn’t matter. It still swelled and become inflamed and nasty to look out. I don’t use any face wipes on my face, no soaps or anything perfumed. Just plain warm water and a flannel.

Living in Germany has brought it out a lot more and the swelling of the eyelids has only happened since working out here. I was using a vaseline type cream called ‘QT Intensive Ointment’ which would help keep the skin hydrated but never helped the itching or the swelling. The symptoms would decrease when arriving back at home but a few days into moving back to Germany it would start again. And this brings me to the last break out I have had recently.

The last couple of weeks has been really crazy for my eyes and surrounding skin. The weather in Germany has been so cold with temperatures reaching around -18 in places and then the warmth of the school halls and shops have been so dry and probably up to 35 degrees! My skin doesn’t know whether it was coming or going. I have been performing 13 shows a week and getting up early and going to bed a little late after Skyping with my family which probably didn’t help my skin.

I was plastering on this ‘QT Intensive Ointment’ like it was going out of fashion and even used ice cold water at times just to numb the itching, but to no avail.

A mental break down one evening caused me to look for further alternatives. I have been so fed up of looking like a boy, feeling ugly and not being able to look even half decent. I’ve been walking onto the stage performing to these children wondering whether they have been talking about how I look or laughing at me. Maybe they even got confused and thought there were 3 boys in my team and not 2. It has been a tough week for me in regards to self esteem and self confidence but then I found THIS:

dr organic
Picture courtesy of

Dr Organic Rescue Cream. I wanted to share this with you because like someone else did on their blog I was able to see their recommendation and get this cream for myself and for the time being it is working a TREAT! It is £8.99 for a small glass container but you only need a tiny bit, if you are putting it on your eyelids or elbows. As soon as my eyelids get dry, I put a little bit on and it soothes the itching and repairs the skin. The wrinkles that I did have on my right eye have disappeared and it just looks so much better. Most importantly I feel better about myself too! I don’t feel so ugly and more feminine!

I also bought some natural black eye liner too that doesn’t have any paraffins or any nasty chemicals. All natural and skin loving ingredients. I have worn the natural eyeliner all day today and my eyelid hasn’t itched! Usually when I use my normal Rimmel black eyeliner, my eyes are itching after a couple of hours of having it on.

Have I found a break through?! I really hope so.

I highly recommend the Manuka honey cream and also using natural make up on sensitive skin has it can really help. Eczema is such a horrible irritating skin condition! and I feel for everyone that has it. It’s so weird how the skin can go against itself but if there are things out there to help ease our suffering then all the better!! In this day and age no one should be in pain or suffering.

Please comment if you have any other suggestions that you know to work for you and if you have used the Manuka Honey and had a success too! It’ll be interesting to share stories.

I hope this has been helpful to some of you and also an insight for others into my life! Being on tour and away from home isn’t all glamorous! 😛








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