Travelling, Germany

Room 204.

So this weekend has been a little out of the ordinary and extra special as I had someone come and visit me, which was very, very lovely!

We stayed in a 4* hotel in the centre of Hildesheim and was woken up each morning by the bells of the church opposite. First morning was ‘Frère Jacques,’ and then on Sunday we had ‘Auld Lang Syne.’

The view of the square from outside our hotel window.

We visited the Cathedral on Saturday and saw the 1,000 year old rose bush. Just a shame it wasn’t in bloom :(.

A candle I lit for my Nan in the Hildesheim Cathedral. ❤







CAUGHT red handed!!! I think someone was going to throw a snowball at me!! 


1,000 year old rose bush!

Dinner for a King and Queen!! at the Dorado Steak house in Hildesheim. I ordered it all in German, changed parts of the order and added! and successfully, with broken German, fed Karl! This restaurant was amazing – from walking in to walking out took less than 1 hour! Karl was no longer hangry – yippeee!


I had a fillet steak! which was yummy but I did order it a little rarer than I am use to. I panicked and said the same as Karl haha! but medium rare fillet steak was very yummy if I do say so myself!

The weekend of course wouldn’t be complete without a couple of pre dinner selfies in the hotel room!


It has rained in Hildesheim during the night and warmed up so we woke up on Sunday to all the snow completely gone! The city is now back to normal. This was quite nice to see especially after experiencing temperatures of -18 last week! But look at the pictures below to see how beautiful the cold temperature had made the landscape look…




It was a hard week last week but I had such an amazing weekend! Time to get into my pj’s and get ready for the 4 day week ahead. Yes you heard me right – 4 day week!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got up to some lovely things!

See you all soon!


Auf Wiedersehen! xxx







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