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From Ahrensburg to Hildesheim in one blog entry.

So I was in Ahrensburg last week, a little suburb off of Hamburg. (Been there before, cute little accommodation, no wifi. Mcdonald’s becomes my best friend and I drink all the hot chocolates in the world just to abuse their wifi with a guilt free conscience 😉 )

I realllllly wanted to visit a castle that I didn’t get the chance to see last time called Schloss Ahrensburg, which means Castle Ahrensburg…boring name. I was so excited, looked everything up online to make sure I could go there.  I found out they did audio description in English which made me even more excited knowing I would be able to learn about it and not just look at the pretty walls and furniture.

I took James and Sean along with me and we got wrapped up in our coats and had our money ready in case we had to pay. I was practising asking for my entry ticket in my head…only to find out it was closed!!! and would re open in two days..when I was leaving for Hildesheim. I was so disappointed. It seems that for some reason I am not able to see the inside of this Castle 😦 BOO! That being said I was happy because I was able to lay my eyes on it! and take some pictures in the grounds with the boys and create memories and really that is what life is all about. We had a giggle and then we got back in the van and went on search for cordial juice and moisturiser. One extreme to the other my life haha!!



This castle is 400 years. So pretty!!


We have since arrived in Hildesheim, a city near Hannover. It is one of the oldest cities in Germany being the seat for the Bishop of Hildesheim in 815AD.

We had a bit of a kerfuffel when we arrived here with only 3 out of the 4 beds being made, nearly resulting in one of us staying at a hotel if no 4th set of linen could be provided. Fortunately, it was provided and we are all staying on the top floor across two flats. It’s fairly small. Kathi and me are sleeping on two beds in the main living room which isn’t ideal, it means that none of us have a place to chill out all together after a long day. But never mind, it’s all part of the experience and makes me appreciate my own room and double bed when I get home.

I went to the theatre tonight with Kathi, to see the premier of ‘Romeo und Julia’ performed at the Hildesheim Theater. It was a good performance, we only paid €6.50 for our tickets in the rafters so we can’t really complain. It wasn’t the best thing I had seen but for an evening out it was quite pleasant. Luckily I know the story like the back of my hand and so it was interesting for me to see how they had staged it. The set was minimal so when a long piece of dialogue was happening I zoned out a little bit. Wasn’t much for me to take in and being in German didn’t help.  Of course, it wouldn’t be German theatre without someone getting their bum and penis out! We were all in view of the meat swing that took place 1/2 way through! *covers eyes.*

It has snowed here pretty heavily today so the walk back on my own from the theatre was actually pretty beautiful. I found some interesting things to take a picture of too:





This is my favourite image I took tonight by far! all on my iPhone 6 too.


So all in all it’s been a pleasant week. Got 13 shows next week over 5 days which will be tiring but then I have someone special coming to visit me so that will be really nice :D. We will get to explore the city and have a nice time which will be a great end to the week.

I am going out tomorrow to take some more snaps of the snow so stay tuned for those!


Happy January people!

Shone Tag! xxx








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