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Geestland – First Accommodation!


So I have just travelled to Ahrensburg from Geestland today, much to the annoyance of our Sat Nav. Silly Gwen (That’s the name of our Sat Nav). There has been some new road layouts in Hamburg and she wasn’t being as vocal as she usually likes to be, causing us to travel in a huge circle for around 20 minutes! But we beat the system and showed her who was boss and we finally arrived at our accommodation.

*No wifi where I am, in case you were trying to get hold of me. I will try and get to the nearest Mcdonalds in the evenings.*

We have been to this accommodation before Christmas. It is a lovely place and so close to Hamburg so we can see a bit life living here for the 5 days we are.

I just wanted to show you the apartment that we were staying in last. It had an xbox, DVD player, a huge TV, fire place, huge rooms and horses right outside the front door.


My bed ^^^. Actually had a half decent pillow!!



We suffered with a lot of snow and ice at the start of moving to Geestland *see previous blog post*, but it has now all melted and our washer fluid now works!! The pipes defrosted on Friday, meaning we could get to the school with a beautifully clean wind screen. It’s amazing how much you miss something when you can’t have it anymore.

So we are in Ahrensburg for the next 5 days. 3 shows every day except Tuesday, when we have a day off!! How lucky are we!! We never get days off. I think I will go and see the Castle here as I never got a chance too before. Unfortunately, it won’t be open but I am hoping to walk around it and get some great pictures to obviously send to you guys!

Well I hope you are well, send me a message or something on Facebook and I’ll be sure to catch it when I am next in Mcdonalds or an internet cafe.

Tschuss xxx



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