Travelling, Germany

Herzlich Willkommen!!!

And she is back to Germany! I swear the christmas break just zoomed by. I was so busy catching up with everyone and making new friends (you know who you are ! 🙂 ) that it just seemed to slip away from me. I had such a great time and managed to see all my important people at least once!

So, same routine as last time, Dad took me to Essex the night before to stay at Stella’s and then onto Luton the next day.


Tried to minimise the weight but still was over the limit by half a kilo! Typical.

When we arrived back into Soest, we went out for dinner courtesy of our boss Peter Griffith. No, not the dad in Family Guy! 😉 .. It was a lovely evening with the whole company, all 60 of us. This included 3 waves of actors, creatives and managers. It was lovely to see the creatives that worked on our productions.



First night back was a hoot and a nice way to settle in. I usually find leaving home really hard when I go away but White Horse really make you feel welcome and at home with them which definitely makes life easier.

The next day we packed the van (AGAIN) and headed off to our first pitstop at Bremerhaven. So I fell asleep in the van and an hour later woke up to snow and ice EVERYWHERE! Since then, our washer fluid pipes have frozen. We literally had to stop every 20 minutes to wash our windscreen from all the salt and grit. And winter in Germany is so cold, we are already at -5!


I’m not sure you can see but this picture was taken by Kathi of the horrendously bad windscreen. Don’t worry we stopped shortly after this picture was taken and threw snow on the screen to get some moisture..HA! Never ever a dull moment.

Really cool tunnel we went through!

And the first day was rounded off by a trip to the German doctors for me as I was sure I had tonsillitis and I was right! It was the quickest consultation EVER. I was given penicillin and didn’t even have to wait to be given the tablets at the Apotheke! I was handed the box and paid €5! The cheapest prescription I’ve ever had to pay for! Unfortunately, they are the biggest tablets I’ve ever had to take so that will be fun!

Tomorrow we have our first 3 show day of term and of 2016 but there is a big chance we will be cancelled due to snow and ice conditions. It would be nice to have a day off but we do need to get back into the swing of things.

Anyway only time will tell! Caio for now xx





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