Travelling, Germany

Christmas Day at the Clarks!

Merry Christmas!! I hope you had an amazing christmas day and continue to have festivities over Boxing Day.

I just wanted to check in and see how you all are and to let you know the type of day I had, a little insight into my life and what christmas is like for me in England with my family.

Christmas eve took me to see my best friend and her little girls and boy to deliver the presents for the big day.

See below me, Skye and Elseigh. (Selfie stick action, not so bad on the skills!)


And so it has begun, the wrapping ensued!


Me wearing my new outfit on Christmas day.



My sister and my nan. Nan got electric candles for christmas!


One of my favourite gifts. My bluetooth Bose speaker! Now showers listening to music will be booming, literally!


Me and Evie, my niece.


Christmas dinner! After we had all scoffed our faces.


It was a lovely couple of days. Annoyed I didn’t take more pictures of everyone all together but I’m sure they’ll be more opportunities, especially now I have my new selfie stick!


I hope you all had a wonderful christmas day, doing whatever your families do. I am now at my Dad’s, using my colouring in book whilst he looks for wintery coats for my next German adventure! haha.

This is my first colouring in experience in a long time. It was lovely actually. The quote for the first page was :

‘Talent develops in quiet places.’ – Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe


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