Travelling, Germany


So guys and gals I have finally made it home for christmas!

Had a nice last week with my group, enjoying secret santa where I was given a selfie stick! and a lovely hot water bottle for the cold German nights and James liked his present I gave him of a wine stopped that had a ceramic upside man named ‘Drunken Jack.’ He can now drink his wine (during the week ;)) knowing he has a nice stopper for it :).

The last night was spent catching up with everyone from the other groups and going to ANOTHER christmas market! Now I don’t want to seem like a christmas humbug but I do find that all Christmas markets are the same once you have seen them. But don’t get me wrong I do enjoy them! The German’s do know how to Christmas that’s for sure.

The coach to take us to the airport was at 07:15! but since getting up at 05:30 each morning this was a lie in for most of us. The flight was a little delayed but got to London at 10:03. I am an ok flier once we are in the air but take off is always a little shaky for me. But landing was good! I even started a onboard clap – a thank you!

First day back at I spent it in Essex seeing my cousins and great Aunt and then went home to have a belated 25th birthday meal with my immediate family.

Now at Dads for Sunday dinner!

I proper love England me! 



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