Travelling, Germany

Brief visit to Denmark but no Danish pastries.. 

It was Kathis birthday on Sunday and we are only 45km from the Danish border so we decided to take a little jaunt up north to see if there was anything interesting.
We were firstly greered by a beautiful double rainbow..    

 And then found the border.. 
We crossed the bridge but there wasn’t really anything there. Because we have to leave the van in Germany, we couldn’t drive to anywhere in Denmark where we could maybe grab a coffee or anything. But that was ok – I was pretty happy with a picture with the sign!

There was a tiny shop settlement in Germany, 100 metres from the border that actually was run by Danish people and all the currency was in Danish Kroner. You could pay in euros if you wanted to, but initially all prices are in kroner. Mainly people had come out to get their alcohol for Christmas from what I could see! CHEERS!


  In the evening, Kathi, James and me went to an advent concert in Hattstedt church. I managed to sing some of the songs in German (site reading from the choral sheet) and it was pretty festive and a free evening out! The temper players weren’t that good so my facial expressions were a little 😟😁😆 but hey they can play better than me!


We move from Hattstedter Marsch on Wednesday and travel back down south to Osnabrück. Ready for the off on Saturday morning at 07:15!! This means I’ll be in England by 09:45! I can’t wait 🙂
Last week – 9 performances left to go! Not that I’m counting 😉


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