Travelling, Germany

“Dude, can I touch your slug..?” 

So we have moved from Rastede to Ahrensburg which is 40 minute train ride from Hamburg. So I took a little trip into Hamburg yesterday for some Christmas shopping ..


We found an umbrella shop next to where we had dinner. In one of our plays “The Girl with the Golden Wig” we use 11 umbrellas to create different opjects and effects. So we went in and the prices of these umbrellas were rather expensive but I never knew there was such a market for them! All shapes and sizes! A lovely young woman who spoke English, took time out to show us what these different canes and umbrellas could do! AMAZING!

They had umbrellas and canes that had a screw bottom and revealed: pipes, dice, knives, even another umbrella!

They even had square umbrellas. Above is me holding their most expensive one,€1,000. Silver handle and wind and rain proof.

 My team with our umbrellas in the shop! 

On our last night in Rastede we made biscuits…

Having a fab time here in Germany as I am forever saying, but now that the build up to Christmas is well underway it makes it even more special. But send luck my way as we now have 3 show days for the rest of the week and getting up at 5am each morning! Zzzzzzz….

Home in 11 days! Bring on the festivities! Moving to somewhere near the Danish border on Friday but I’ll have wifi so can let you know what it’s like!

Also looking at buying a MacBook Air at Christmas if anyone has any tips and cheap deals they know about?

Thanks loves xxxxz



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