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Oldenburg..and getting into the Christmas spirit..

Today me and 2 colleagues went to Oldenburg to see what they had to offer. Rastede doesn’t have much to offer us being only little so we journeyed 20 minutes down the autobahn to Oldenburg.

Me before my outing. Poorly eyes 😦
The town of Oldenburg is very old in places and the buildings are extremely beautiful. Great archaetecture.

We visited the shops there. I managed to buy some Christmas presents 🙂 and we found this great little pasta to go restaurant! For €5.50 I had a huge plate of penne pasta  with tomato and tuna fish. Yummy!!

Clear plates all round!! 

Germany is getting into the Christmas spirit so it’s hard not to join in and be swept up by it all.











It’s been a very Christmassy day today with Kathi and Sean. I can’t wait to get back to England to start the festivities!

Just going to leave this special picture with you….



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