Touring, acting

Brake – pronounced Brak-uh.

 Today we went to an old cinema and performed there for IGS Brake Schüle. It was beautiful *please see space of the day for the pictures.* We are performing there again tomorrow so that’ll be nice.
The cinema manager was such a great man. He took time out of his day to show us around the town and told us the history of the river side. 


The above is apparently like a modern day lighthouse. The town of Brake sits on the Weser river, which runs between Bremen and Bremerhaven and looks over to the longest river island in Europe called Harriersand. Harriersand measures 11km from end to end and has a surface area of 6km squared. This makes it one of the longest river islands in Europe. When the weather was really bad they wasn’t able to see what ships were coming etc, so the arms on the top could be moved to mean different things to communicate with the island and the captains of the ships.

The river bursts its banks most winters and they have had to build the wall higher, and add in extra barriers to stop the water flooding the town. It’s amazing – there’s so many houses that are all along the river, just behind the wall barrier. Each winter they all pray and hope it doesn’t rise any higher! I couldn’t live there! In the 60’s it was the highest it has ever been and pretty much rose so high up the pub wall my head would have been covered! 


  Another memorial for World Wars 1 and 2.  

  A fishermans house built in 1700”s. 


 This box above is a library, but it works on a swap basis. You can take a book as long as you swap it for a book that you have. What a great idea!!! I wish we had these in the UK. I would have taken a look closer at these books had they been in English. But wonderful idea and could possibly help people that aren’t rich enough to buy their own books. I bet you could find some gold in these things.

 A German cow.. 

  Lunch at the chinese restaurant ! 

I look like a boy in the above as I can’t wear any make up due to a really bloody annoying skin condition that appears around my eyes and makes me look like I have flu! Least no one can insult me in Germany or if they do I can’t understand it ;).

The Lunch:

A mittagmenu mit noodelen und Frühlingsrolle. €4.50.

Lunch menu with noodles and spring rolls. 

It was yummy and such a great find. So cheap but huge portion sizes and I don’t think anyone wants dinner!
It’s been a good day overall and interesting learning about Brake. I’m now on the sofa curled up with a pint of tea and a blanket.
Stay tuned for Space of the Day.



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