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Hildesheim and my time in Bad Salzdetfruth..

So from Friday to this morning, I have been staying in Bad Salzedetfruth, a small village outside Hildesheim. Kathi was away so I had the place to myself for the weekend. I must say touring is tough not having your own space so it was much needed. I got to catch up with my family and friends, start my christmas shopping  and watch so many films in ENGLISH on Netflix. Netflix DE has many great films and documentaries and I ended my binge with Mary POPPINS! 🙂 


“All is going to be good”

Hilesheim Christmas market..


Spot the Nazi symbol..


Bad Salzedetfruth itself didn’t have much to offer but it was beautiful, just like the rest of Germany. Although saying that Hildesheim was a grubby as Folkestone! A seaside grub without the seaside. 

It was interesting as Hilesheim was heavily bombed during World War 2, so the buildings are all fairly new. But as you can see from the top picture some of the old archaetexture remains. Buildings have part old and new sections. I have been wanting to see the other side of the 


So we have moved today to Rastede, a small village in the north. A glorious massive german house! I’ll tell you about that another day but for now I must watch Bond! Me and my team have started watching the James Bonds films from the beginning. “On her majesty’s secret service” awaits!

Happy 1st December! Mwah xxx 




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