The grim Reeperbahn and so much more..

I went to Hamburg this weekend to see two of my lovely friends Ben and Claire. They are part of another group who are touring currently the north of Germany, so it’s been lovely to see them.

I journeyed by myself to Hamburg from Hanover which I was very scared about. Not knowing the language I desperately didn’t want anyone to speak to me or ask me for directions. Luckily that didn’t happen, probably because I looked like a dear in headlights!!

Most of the people around the city speak English so that has made it very easy but I always start the conversation in German. I am in their country after all.

So Hamburg has been an interesting one for me. The first night we took a walk to the Reeperbahn. Now I wish I had seen this later in the trip as this kind of made me feel a little uneasy. I had been told about the Reeperbahn but never really knew what it was. I have soon learnt it is the longest red light district strip in Europe. There was boobs everywhere! Toy shops, strip clubs, brothels you name it! There was clubs banging out all sorts of music, madams standing outside their clubs having a break before going back in to see to their girls! And the amount of men lingering and lurking in every corner..


We survived the strip and turned a corner to head back and we came across a brothel. Girls in windows. Now I’ve never seen stuff like this so it was fascinating! But trouble is the door to this brothel which essentially was a huge house had a boarded up door! It was so disgusting and not pleasant. I felt terrible for the girls in there,  if this is what their place of work looks like on the outside what sort of men does it attract?!

After the eye opening grim Reeperbahn we had food at the fun fare as we knew we would be safe! I had lovely fish and chips with a dollop of knoblauch.. Haha that be garlic!

We are staying in a generator hostel which is nice and modern. The people we shared with were nice and respectful too. 

We wondered around a lot yesterday, found a nice park and went ice skating!!! So much fun even though none of us could really do it. And then we went out in the evening for Indian food and had drinks at Bar Humburg. This was also a shisha bar which Claire ordered a blueberry shisha. It was weird being in a bar with people smoking but luckily we were a bit away from all of that. The barman also made me and Claire cocktails from scratch which was nice haha.. Was quite the cocktail maker!


It has been a good trip. I am not sure I would return. The shops are nice and the posh more up market part of town is beautiful. Beautiful architecture! Maybe I’ll stick to those if I return again.
I understand what Hamburg has to offer for a lot of young people but I haven’t found what it has to offer me. I was more freaked out by the rowdyness of it. I’ve been in a town and rural place for that last 7 weeks I need to switch my city head on!

Well anyway time to go back today to Peine! I will journey all by myself on the trains but this time I know what I’m looking for so should be smooth sailing.

Only 4 weeks until I return to England so I can’t wait for that! Get ready England I’m coming for youuuuuuu xx 


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