The names Clark, Leanne Clark..

I went to Düsseldorf yesterday with James and his partner Terry to have a look around and see the film Spectre in English. Quite a good film! Christoph Waltz is such an amazing actor! I came to the conclusion that Daniel Craig is handsome without his head..

I got to ride the Deutsche Bahn train which had two floors! Obviously we sat at the top on the way there. The Germans know how to travel. Why don’t we do that? It would help the commuter rush every morning and evening with an extra floor!

One thing that was bizarre is that the cinema had an interval. They didn’t stop it at a good place either. They paused the film during a car chase! Everyone groaned and the English lady in front of me leaned across to her husband and said: 

Remind me to never come to the cinema again please..!

15 minutes we had to wait to carry on. So strange. If they didn’t have such long adverts at the beginning then they wouldn’t need the interval.

 So we went for Mexican food after which can I just say was brilliant! It was a restaurant that did both Indian food plus Mexican. I had Henchen (chicken) Enchiladas which was so yummy! What gave it an Indian twist is we had popadoms to start and then my rice that came with re fried beans was pilau rice. It worked though. It definitely worked. The service was so nice and they even spoke a little English for us which is always a hoot!
As mentioned in my previous blog we are moving today to a place called Piene. I hear it’s lovely and not so far from Hanover. The Christmas markets are already being built so the festive spirit is getting under way.

Having a great time. Next week we are doing 12 shows in 5 days with a school change on Thursday. I’m hoping we have wifi where we are going so I’ll blog to tell you all about it!

Bis später !!




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