Porta Westfalica!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been away from wifi for the last couple of days as we moved to Porta Westfalica from Sunday to Wednesday. A brief little trip away from the main base of a White Horse. We are back at base now until Sunday where we move to Piene near Hanover. 

Below are pictures of our little flat. Was very cute! We didn’t have wifi which was OK as we weren’t there that long but I did feel a little cut off.

Not much has been happening really apart from performing the shows! We got hot food for lunch from one of the schools the other day! luxury!

The kids are receiving the shows well still and enjoying them so we couldn’t ask for better really.

Weather is cold but it’s dry so that’s not so bad. Looking forward to start venturing out to other places in Germany now as I feel Soest has given me all it has to offer. It does feel like home to us all now, nice to have some familiarity 🙂

Home in 5 weeks! So get scheduling any Christmas meets up as it’ll be lovely to see you :).

Lots of love xx


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