Lest We Forget.

This was a different kind of rememberance for me this year. I started a few years ago, attending either a local service on rememberance Sunday or to travel to London which I did last year.

My Grandad fought in World War 2, albeit very short due to being captured in the Battle of France but because of his efforts and the millions of others I think it is extremely important to remember and to take time out of our schedules to reflect on past and present wars. I sadly think we haven’t learnt from the past, because present wars continue to get even more horrendous then anyone could ever imagine.

Being in Germany, I haven’t been sure how to feel about this Remembrance Day. You do not speak about it here (of course! We wouldn’t either.) Germany lost lots of men and women, should I be sad for them? Or happy?

 There is a small memorial here in Müllingsen where I am staying. I thought that it would be nice to mark my respects there at 11am (GMT). 

Upon looking a little closer to this memorial I felt I was cheating on everything I’d ever known and our service men and women. Because of my Grandad I had always grown up to learn about the war and I suppose there was and still is stigma. As much as it is raw for them too it is still raw for us.

 Today is to mark the day for the British service men and women and also to all who lost their lives fighting in World War 1 and 2 and all the ears there after.  Was it right that I was standing in front of the enemy and feeling sad? I don’t think it was! But did the men who’s names I saw want to fight? Were they against everything Hitler was protesting? Possibly. 

I made a conscious decision to cross the road and stand and reflect a little away from this under the Union Jack flag. 

Whether this was the right thing to do I felt it was right by me and there I stood and listened to the service in London on the radio. I couldn’t be there today but I was there in spirit.

Lest we forget. 

Thank you to all for fighting hard and giving your lives for my tomorrow. I will be eternally grateful. 



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