I wanted to make a separate post for this as I felt possibly some people could relate.

The other 2 groups I lived with during rehearsals rang me yesterday for my birthday. Two renditions of Happy Birthday sung down the phone to me really made my day! I made a previous post about missing everyone, so you can imagine how lovely it was to hear their voices!

I must say though one group rang me! And at first when the phone was ringing, I assumed that the phone call would be for someone else and why would they want to speak to me? I rang them back straight afterwards as I thought I would want to speak to them even if they didn’t want to speak to me.

Much to my surprise they rang me to sing happy birthday and to see how my day was going. I asked if they wanted to speak to my group but they said the call was for me!

It really made my day and really showed up my low self esteem in this area of my life! There I was thinking that I wasn’t worthy of their time but I was! 

It was a lesson to myself that I shouldn’t put myself down as much as I do. People do care! And also the smallest gestures can go the furthest. That moment will stay with me for a while!

Have you ever had that before? Have you thought one thing and had the opposite? 


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