Welcome to the house of fun..!

It was my birthday yesterday! I was 25.. A little scary it means I am fully legal in all areas of life. I can now hire a car!! Ha.

I was feeling a little emotional about my birthday in Germany as I have been missing my family a lot recently. But my group made my day super special. We had a three show day yesterday, so at times I forgot it was my birthday..it was non stop changing from one show to the next but it was so much fun, and the kids loved it! I was sang happy birthday by my group and presented with a gorgeous chocolate cake made by James.

I got gifts from the company and also received cards and packages from England. English tea and chocolate were amongst my gifts so that was very good. As much as I love German chocolate you can’t go wrong with cadburys! My beautiful niece also had made me a picture ❤️.


My beautiful cake made by my group!
We had dinner at a Greek restaurant which was very disappointing. It was so salty that non of us could really finish it. I love Greek food and was so hungry, it was such a shame but it didn’t ruin the evening. We finished the €31 bottle of wine (so expensive!!) and got the hell out of there and made our way to Kirmes again. I went on a few more rides and got absolutely soaked. Being thrown around at 100km in the pouring rain was quite enjoyable!

Me, Kathi and Sean went into the fun house, with 3D glasses on. All was pretty fun until I went onto the moving circle and fell over. I didn’t know what way was up and I must have been on the floor going round and round for about 2 minutes! Hilarious times.


Me and Sean
James, me and Sean
James, me, Kathi and Sean
Just before we went into the fun house..
My team on the big tower drop! not for me..

We got the bus to and from Soest which was was good but the ride home made me more queasy then the rides itself! 

I’ve been suffering a headache from sleeping in too long today (what’s with that??) but I’m well rested.

Tomorrow we move to a town called Porta West Phalica. We stay there for 3 days and then back to Soest again for a bit.

Thank you to team KW for making my day so great. I can’t wait to spend the next 8 months with you. A family in the making. Xx


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