So a lot has happened and changed since we last spoke. Our once big family of 12, has now split into mini families of 4 , as tour has commenced. I’ve visited Kirmes here in Soest and performing our shows to the right audiences is such a great thing.

So firstly I wanted to talk about change. I don’t really cope with change that well especially not when I am not in control of it. I’ve got really close to some people over the last month here in Germany and people that aren’t in my touring group. Monday- we all said our goodbyes and went our touring ways. It’s tough. I find myself really upset and emotional. The house that were are staying in at the moment has been left feeling empty and flat. And the boys room still smells the same as when they were in it! (yes it has been aired.. just a little aftershave lingering… Think tarts boudoir ;)) 

I’ve never been a great one for goodbyes and it doesn’t seem to get easier. I’m thinking it will be better when my touring family leave and we go onto a new place as it’ll be a fresh start from the memories people have left behind. 

It sounds morbid and it is a very happy occasion but I find it sad to say goodbye to people I’ve grown to like a lot. But Christmas is nearly here and we can say hello to each other again, that will be exciting!



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