“Into the costume and into the character.”


I haven’t blogged in a very long time – due to rehearsals and technicals that took a lot of my time. But we are all finally ready for the off on Tuesday and to perform our shows.

We had our dress rehearsals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Everyone’s dresses were amazing and I am so proud and astounded that I am a part of it all.

So we had our company meal last night with all departments involved and then we all went out to a bar called “Chaos”, which might I add didn’t live up to its name. I was able to sit down and chat – the place should be called “Cool, calm and assertive!” 😆 

So this shot (bit like sourz) you bang it on the side until its frothy , put the lid on your nose, put the bottle in your mouth , clink them together and then knock it back…the German way.
By the end of last night I had been up 22 hours but was in my warm bed by 06:30am! Then took a long walk around the beautiful lake again with Claire, Ellie, Ian and Ben. I will miss these guys when they set off on Tuesday.



I wore this dress last night. I very nearly didn’t wear it but everyone loved it. Thank you to Cath Kidston! 👌🏼

So adventures should start becoming more frequent on Tuesday onwards. We perform Maid Marian first and then onto 3 shows a day!

I hope you’re all well and can’t wait to see you again soon.

Tschüss xx 


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