“Dude, where’s my food?” …

It’s a been a roller coaster of a couple of days.

I am sure many of you fellow actors have had your demons creeping in on you one time or another. I had mine talking louder than usual yesterday. It was day 4 of full on rehearsals, and I felt like whatever I was putting out was awful. I felt and still sort of feel that any time now the company are going to tell me they thought I was someone else and they made a mistake. 

 Please feel free to share with me any of your demon stories! I will be grateful to hear that I’m not alone on this one.

I plunged into the afternoon and tried my hardest to bat the demons away. It seemed to have worked and I had a much better afternoon. It’s tough here. Full days of rehearsals and then after rehearsals you are still line learning and going through the motion. You don’t have much time for personal time at the moment which can be hard for you mentally as well as physically.

I tell you though! After the hard day yesterday I had such a great day today! I choreographed a simple 1960’s dance today with a Fosse influence. The director liked it and so did my fellow colleagues. I love the fact is went down well and also that I’ve been able to use other skills I have trained in.


So aside from my rehearsals I took a long and laborious trip to Kaufland. A supermarket/HUGE store full of everything you’ve ever wished for! I was pre warned and told what a maze it was but I wasn’t prepared…. 😟

I entered the supermarket and it looked like an ordinary, big store. I walked round the veg and onto the next section only to be lost within the home section .. I walked back through the veg and into the Narnia of wine and alcohol, turned left at the fish to arrive into the rest of the food store.

“Dude, where’s my food?”

It opened up into a whole place full of people that had found their way there with no issue! The chocolate section might I add was BEAUTIFUL! So much selection of chocolate mixed with everything. The cheese and meat counter was smelly yet yummy.

I was so hungry by the time I got home, and was grateful for the rotisserie chicken bought from the stall outside Kaufland. 10/10.

I love it here. I’m off to bed to read my book and get ready for another day of rehearsals – on a Saturday!  Hopefully going to look around the medieval town of Soest on Sunday. 

Let me leave you with this bad boy…

Until next time my friends- missing you xx


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