Thunderclapping Brilliance!!

 Second day of rehearsal.  Second day of “The Slug in the Shoe.”
We managed to block the whole thing and work out all the main choreography for it all. 

As this is a play for small children, there was a small moment within our day spent trying make fart sounds on our arms.. Big old thunderclaps if you will.πŸ• πŸ’¨.         Have you ever had that moment where you step back and look at what you’re doing and look down on yourself? I had this moment right in the middle of thunderclapping and realised how funny and amazing my life is! I’m in Germany, getting paid to act and do what I love and here I am blowing farts on my arm! Never a dull moment! And you’re never too old to find the sounds funny either haha…prrrrrp!! 

There is still a lot of work and concentration amongst all the antics, don’t be fooled ;). I’ve got to get off book for this play for next week and the other two I have to get comfortable with. Luckily, I’ve been taught well and I’m in a good position with my line learning. We are going to rehearse tonight and go over it which will definitely help. 

Onto another play tomorrow “Maid Marian.” where I play about 6 different characters.. This acting milark isn’t easy for all you idiots out there that think it’s a breeze..! πŸ˜‰

Happy thunderclapping you lot!!

Auf Wiedersehen! 


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