Bad Sassendorf – was in fact good!

Ah what a day I have had! I am falling ever so much in love with this country and all it has to offer! 

I woke up around 10am, the sun beaming through the window and the faint sound of tractors going about their work. I had breakfast and then some people wanted to go into Bad Sassendorf and visit the Salt Spring Spa there. As this is a possible, naked spa I decided against it and would explore the surroundings of this town. 

It was beautiful! There was a park, that was surrounded by the salt water springs and I’m certain was on top of the salt mine. I spent my afternoon there with my friend Ben (who is an actor on another team). 

Below is a wooden spring feature. Spring water is rotated around this structure and it is then dropped down the sticks and into a trellis at the bottom. It’s supposed to help with asthmatic issues if you walk through the centre and breathe in the cold, moist air.

You can see above the affects the water has had to the sticks.  Not entirely sure why it has sticks?? Haha. Weird but cool.

I then found myself in a 18 hole game of mini golf! I lost unfortunately 😦 but this was the highlight of my day! I had just a tee shirt on and jeans – my jumper was slung off as it was boiling, and here I was enjoying a game of crazy golf in a tranquil, gorgeous surrounding in Germany. I think I realised then how lucky I was.

Me and Ben must have been the youngest there by at least 2 decades. We even got a round of applause when I got a hole in one! 💪🏼😀😀.


There were so many geese and ducks around basking in the sun – it was ideal!

We also came across a music installation set up by Burkhard Schmidl. It consisted of 8 speakers in 8 trees playing his music. We were sat in a round so the music came at all angles and at times was very dramatic. Another little cool thing to have experienced! I did try to upload a video with the sound but it wouldn’t upload. Will try again another day. 


  Tooooo much fun!!  

Me and my Bratwurst!
This is one of my favourites from today ❤️

The cast iron animals and humans you see above were so cute! Especially the one with the little boy. 

Today was just great. Tomorrow I open my German bank account and start rehearsals! 

Bis Spater!! (See you later!) xx



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