Guten Ahbend!

Good Evening! How are you all?

I’ve finally arrived in Germany, after albeit a very smooth and short flight! My luggage was over weight but I wasn’t charged – thank you the very kind EasyJet man!
I’ve met the people on my team and the rest of the actors in other teams and everyone is so lovely! (Maybe ask me in a month to see if that has changed ;))

I had my first German supermarket outting this evening. Picture supermarket sweep if you will – that was me. The shop was closing in 20 minutes. I felt a little overwhelmed actually. I hadn’t prepared my mind for all the things I wouldn’t understand and know! BUT, I managed to buy some pasta, bread and milk for some English Tea in the morning !

I’m so tired so can’t really think about writing anything lengthy! I will get some pictures of my accommodation as its beautiful and you should all see it!

Peace out 

Below was the good old plane that got me here safely!  

  I thought this picture was very fitting! Both me and my colleague was over the weight allowance! Why can’t I take the kitchen sink with me?!! 

Great sunset tonight from Dortmund airport to Soest, Germany! 


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